5 Tips to Keep Your House Tidy During a Renovation

Tips to keep your house clean during a renovation.

One of the most challenging tasks during a renovation project is cleanliness. Even with the smallest project, there is bound to be an abundance of dust and debris covering every surface of your home. While it’s easy to wait until the project is completed to clean, it’s not a good idea to let dust linger in the air of your home. Also, you may end up with a lot more cleaning than you bargained for. Below are 5 tips to help keep your house tidy during a renovation:

Start with a Clean Slate

Before starting your renovation project, give the space a deep clean. Start by removing everything from the room and sort items into “donate,” “throw-away,” and “keep” boxes. Store the things you are keeping elsewhere while your project is being completed. Next, scrub the room spotless. This will prevent dust from gathering in curtains, decorations, furniture, and other fixtures.

Cover it Up

When you clean out your renovation space, there may be some furniture items that are just too heavy, big, and awkward to move. If you find yourself in this situation, use a tarp or another material to cover the surface of the object completely. Seal the cover with tape to ensure that it stays put during renovations. Ensuring that the items that will stay in the space during the project are secure will also help keep them from accidentally getting damaged.

Isolate the Mess

A renovation trade secret is isolating the mess to stop debris from making its way to other areas of the home. It’s important to make a point of closing off the area that is being worked on with tarps, window coverings, plastic sheeting for doors, and other measures that stop the mess in its tracks. Just because you are doing a renovation doesn’t mean you need to live in it 24/7.

Protect the Flooring

If your project does not include replacing the floors, it’s important to keep them protected. You can easily use a heavy tarp, plastic, or old carpeting to cover the floor that will be frequented by your renovation crew. This will not only protect your flooring (and wallet), but it will make your floors that much easier to clean when it is all over.

Clean Up Daily

It is always a good idea to clean up after a day’s work so you can begin the next day with a clean slate, and it stops the mess from building up over time. Wash away dust from walls and other finishes, and make sure to vacuum the floor and leave a window open to let the fresh air circulate in the space.

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