How to Decorate a Blank Wall

How to Decorate a Blank Wall

When it comes to home renovation and adding some personality to your room, a blank wall can be an invitation to get creative. However, it is not always easy to decide on the decoration. Here are some unique ways you can enhance your space and bring a blank wall to life.

1. Add some light

If you are already doing home renovations, select a style of hanging wall lights that fit your space. Depending on your personality, you can find ones that are fancy and elegant or playful and colourful.

2. Create a gallery

Use your empty wall space as an art gallery by hanging some of your favourite paintings. You could display the work of a single artist or pick a theme such as landscapes or abstract.

3. Go modern with a screenprint

Give the room a unique feel by hanging a screenprint. You can even choose one that gives the room a splash of colour.

4. Get hanging baskets

Hanging baskets can add to the aesthetics. You can vary the size, shape or colour to create a rustic or homestead feel to the room.

5. Get inspired

Pick a favourite or inspirational quote and put it on display to encourage others. There are many posters available that you can use, or get some lettering printed and make your own.

6. Get vintage

Decorate the wall with vintage plates of different sizes and colours either by mounting them to the wall or using hanging shelves to put them on display.

7. Toss in some texture

When you are planning your home renovations, consider adding some unique texture to a blank wall. Depending on your style you could opt for coloured plywood, brick, or metallic feature to add style to the room.

8. Mess with mirrors

This works particularly well if you want to add more depth and light to a room. You can hang mirrors with unique frames or different sizes to add an artistic feeling to your space.

9. Add character with a quilt

Smaller, vintage-styled pieces can add colour, texture and style to a blank wall. You can even get creative with your mounting choices.

10. Get a unique paint job

As part of your home renovation, you can add some dimension to a blank wall with an original paint job. You can make it symmetrical by adding lines or get funky and use tape to create a unique geometrical pattern.

During your home renovation planning and preparation, think of your blank wall as a canvas that gives you an opportunity to create your own work of art. By adding photos, word lettering, or colour, you can bring the room to life and add some personality to the space.

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