What Should You Remove When Remodeling Your Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodeling

Before starting a remodeling project for your bathroom, you might want to remove some items that will either get in the way or you will want to replace. While the specific items that you remove will depend on how you want your new bathroom to look, these suggestions should help you learn the difference between things worth keeping and things worth getting rid off.

1: Get Rid of Your Old Sink Faucet

Today’s faucets don’t look like the ones used a few decades ago. Today’s designs tend to have fluid lines that make them more attractive and easier to use. You might swoon over a claw-footed bathtub, but no one gets excited over a faucet from the 60s.

Get rid of that thing as soon as possible so you can update to something with a sleek design. It will do wonders for your bathroom’s appearance.

2: Get Rid of Anything Damaged

That old closet door still does the job, but it looks terrible. Your bathroom cabinet is also starting to look its age. When you find damaged items in your bathroom, you know you have to remove them. You can fix some things. Others just need to head to the trash.

If you can’t fix it with a fresh coat of paint or a good scrubbing, then you don’t need it.

3: Get Rid of Anything With Mildew or Mold

Mold is bad news. Unfortunately, bathrooms have a lot of moisture, which makes them the perfect places for mold and mildew to spread.

When inspecting your bathroom, pay close attention for signs of mold. It may look green, gray, or even black. If it’s black, you should probably call a professional to help. At the very least, get a mask so you don’t accidentally inhale the spores.

If you don’t get rid of the molded item, it will tarnish everything else in your bathroom. Given enough time, it will spread everywhere. You wouldn’t believe how much that costs to fix.

Just throw the moldy thing out already.

Also, be sure you find the moistures source. If water is coming in from a leaky pipe, for instance, you need to get it fixed before moving forward with your remodeling. Otherwise, you’ll just do a lot of work for nothing.

4: Anything You Hate

We all have things that we hate. Perhaps your spouse loves that vase in the bathroom, but you despise it. Now is the time to express yourself and make a convincing argument to get those ugly things out of your bathroom.


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