6 Renovations You Shouldn’t DIY

DIY Home Renovations

The DIY movement is increasingly popular, and more people are seizing upon the wide amount of information available on the Internet to train themselves in at-home fixer-upper projects.

But DIY has its limits – some jobs should simply be done by a trained professional to ensure they’re done right and without any danger to yourself.

Then there’s also the issue of cost. While bringing someone in to do the job right may cost you money, this upfront fee can be much, much lower than any bills for damage occurring down the line if you try fixing things yourself.

Here are six home renovations that you shouldn’t try yourself:


Thinking of renovating your windows? Think again! If a window reno isn’t done right, there can be big problems – including water leaking in and hot or cold air getting out when you don’t want it too, resulting in an extremely high hydro bill.


Further opening up a room or living space involves getting rid of walls, and to the layperson it can seem very easy to rip down a wall – but looks are deceiving.

Walls have special properties as part of the home’s infrastructure. Some are specially placed to be load-bearing while others serve vital support roles. A professional will know which wall can be taken down and which should be left up.

Thinking about granite or marble? It might be a problem

Marble and granite are two expensive materials popularly used as countertops and tiles. The major risk of doing it yourself is damaging the materials by not getting the sizing right – something that can require another costly trip to the supply store.


The electrical wiring in our homes is complex, and needs to be done correctly to ensure the power reaches the sockets safely. The electrical system must follow regulatory standards. If not, there can be major risks such as overheated wires and jammed circuit breakers. Don’t risk it! Hire a certified electrician.

Bathroom complications

Bathroom renovations are a tricky thing. While replacing sink faucets can be done relatively straightforwardly, anything that involves pipes is much more complicated.

It’s not hard to think of some bad outcomes if the pipes aren’t replaced or installed correctly: drip, drip, dripping water going through the walls that can lead to further water damage.

Basement considerations

The basement is a vital part of any house – it’s where the foundation meets the house itself, and where the underlying support structure of the home is. A professional tradesperson will go through the necessary steps to ensure any basement renovation is done properly.

They will check to make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the foundation or in the floor itself. This will have to be done before you even think about installing new flooring or walls. And there can also be complicated electrical wiring in the basement, so make sure an electrician handles any of the necessary power work.


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