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Historical Homes

Heritage homes have architectural significance and historical value and play a special role in the history of Toronto. They showcase the diversity and history of our city and add an historical depth to neighbourhoods that they would otherwise not have. Renovating and repairing a heritage home requires both knowledge and experience. Many were built as truly one-of-a-kind in both how they look but also in the processes and materials that were used in their construction. As well, many are attached to other old homes and must be handled with great care. They key to renovating a heritage home is knowing what to do and how to do it while maintaining the integrity of its historical roots.

Avonlea has the experience that you require when renovating your heritage home. We can renovate your kitchen or bathroom while maintaining its core values. We can modify or open up the space to meet today’s standards and create a style which best suits both you and your family.

Nowhere else in the home have changes in taste and technology had a gtreater impact than in the kitchen and bathroom.

Over 80% of the homes that we renovate are 60 to 120 years old and many are classified as historical by the Toronto Historical Board.

Building modern kitchen and bathroom amenities into an old or an historic home without disturbing its original architectural integrity is one of the most difficult tasks in home renovation. We seamlessly incorporate these technologies into your older home without destroying its irreplaceable identity.

Our clients have learned that it is possible to enjoy comfort and modern conveniences while living in an intact period dwelling.Alternatively, we have modernized the look of many older homes into open, free flowing environments that maximizes the use of space and allows for the installation of highly efficient cabinetry and fixtures.

Our knowledge of older homes and attention to detail is your best assurance of a successful project.

Let us be responsible for the successes of your important projects, large or small.

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"Although our project was large and involved many trades, John took care of everything. He was able to explain all parts of the job to us in simple language so that we always knew what was going on. Thank you for making such a complicated project seem simple. "
- Mrs. Ranier

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