Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? It’s safe to say that you’re not alone. Most homeowners dream of their perfect kitchen: a space to eat, entertain, and enjoy family time. But, do you know what renovating your kitchen entails? Below, we have developed a simple list of things to think about before you start collecting paint swatches and picking out backsplashes.

  1. Decide on a budget

    Any kind of renovations are expensive, and you will need to prepare for the amount of money you will spend on creating your dream kitchen. You will also need to make sure you can afford any unforeseen hiccups along the way. Hence, before you start doing anything you need to a) set a budget and b) decide how much you are willing to go over it.

  2. Set a timeframe

    Starting a renovation will turn your life upside down. Think about how much time you can stand eating out — not to mention living in a construction zone! Do you want your project completed in a week or is a couple of months more realistic? Decide what you are comfortable with and let your contractor know.

  3. Find out what permits you’ll need

    Depending on the project, certain types of upgrades require city government permits to be legal. If you don’t play it safe and get all the proper permits, you could run into problems later on when you try to sell or refinance your home.

  4. Choose features with resale in mind

    The pink, retro-style fridge is tempting, I know. But unless you plan on staying in your home for the rest of you or your fridges’ life, you might want to consider making design choices that will work well with potential buyers. Although purchasing cheaper appliances could land you in the same position as well — quality speaks for itself! Think smart and renovate your kitchen in such a way that makes you happy, but works well in the long run.

  5. Think about functionality

    When thinking about renovating your kitchen, the decisions you make regarding storage and functionality could be among the most important. Think about how often you cook and what kind of appliances you own or would like to own; where will you put them all? Also think about spice storage, pantry space, and a beautiful spot to show off your coffee mug collection.

A brand new kitchen is on your horizon, after you consider these five points, of course.

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