4 Tips for Using the Small Space within your Bathroom

Small Bathroom

With an ever-increasing number of Canadians committing themselves to the condo or apartment lifestyle, many are now trying to find the best ways to make use of the limited space available to them. It can be challenging to make a bathroom feel comfortable and appealing with a restrictive space to work with, but there are options available. Within this post, we’re going to look at four tips for using a small space within a bathroom.

1. Hang Racks to Organize Products

In addition to the lack of available space within the apartment or condo setting, one other element that restricts movement is the placement of bathroom accessories and products. Product left by sinks and on bathroom cupboards can make the space seem even smaller, so to open up the area, homeowners might consider hanging racks in the bathroom space. Try to find an area on the wall, and then hang two spice racks in which you can then place your personal and hair care products.

2. Install a Book Shelf above the Door

Many owners of small bathroom spaces don’t consider the space above their door when thinking about the room. This space can be an invaluable storage area for those items that are only used every once in a while. Adding an extra shelf above the door can ensure that products such as paper towels and bathroom cleaning products can be easily stored without further limiting the space in the bathroom.

3. Create a Focal Point to Open Up the Room

It’s a design technique used by the leading home stagers. Creating a focal point within the bathroom space will help draw attention to the area and away from the limited space. It’s important to keep each element around the focal point simple. For example, those using the bathroom mirror as their focal point should use a basic color scheme for their shower curtains to ensure a seamless design appeal.

4. Use a Magnet Board to Organize Makeup Products

Magnet boards can be a useful addition to any condo or apartment bathroom. They can be hung from the inside of a cabinet or on the back of a door to hold makeup products ready for use every day. This helps remove some of the clutter within the space and provides convenient availability for all bathroom accessories.

With a little creative thinking, homeowners can transform their small bathroom space into an area for optimal functionality and stylish design. To learn more, speak with our expert team today!


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