Top 3 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Remodel Needs a Professional Touch

Need of professional for bathroom remodelling

DIY projects sound like an exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty, flex your creative muscles, and see your favourite ideas from countless home decoration magazines come to life. But not every regular toolbox is up for remodelling projects, especially when the bathroom is involved.

While it sounds like taking on a bathroom remodel on your own can save you hundreds of dollars in labour costs, the time and energy you spend — not to mention the very real possibility of damaging the pipes and fixtures, which can leave you shower-less for days — might just make hiring a professional worth it. Here’s why:

1. You Can’t Risk Shower-Less Days

You already know that the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house; you need a properly functioning shower, toilet, and sink to get on with your day. If you’ve ever had to deal with the hassle of a clogged toilet or a broken faucet, you’ll know that there’s no messing around with bathroom fixtures. Now imagine what happens when you can’t use the entire bathroom because of a botched DIY job.

The best solution is to run your ideas for a bathroom remodel by a professional and let them take the job from there. Sure, unclogging the toilet or replacing a faucet can be manageable if you’ve done them before or you simply have a knack for these tasks, but a bathroom remodel is a much bigger project. You will have to consider how long it’s going to take, the tools and fixtures required, and the possibility of closing off the use of this room.

Add to that, you will also have to deal with the intricacies of the plumbing system, which can be even more challenging in heritage homes and their older architecture. Hiring a professional to remodel your bathroom is the best way to avoid costly damage, prolonged closed-off period, and the need for extensive repairs in the future.

2. Cost of Tools and Materials

With plenty of inspiration to go around, there’s no shortage of bathroom remodelling ideas that you can take on. But don’t get carried away with the allure of luxe marble countertops and dressing room vanities, or the ultra-sleek and modern all-white aesthetic — all these require a lot of materials and tools which you’ll have to get on your own if you choose to go with the DIY route.

DIY fixer-uppers are especially appealing to homeowners because they think of how much money they’ll save by doing the job themselves instead of paying someone to do it. But if you’re considering going down this path, you might want to think again and beyond labour costs.

These expenses can easily add up, to the point that it would make more sense to hire a professional instead. A professional contractor may still provide you with a separate quote for the materials to be used in your bathroom remodelling project, but they will definitely come with their own tools. This still saves you time and money as you won’t have to spend on professional tools, and you can guarantee efficient use of materials, as they will know exactly how to get the job done the first time around.

3. Heritage Homes

Heritage homes, prized for their older architecture and vintage appeal, are a special case when it comes to plumbing and construction jobs. Their unique charm also means unique challenges to any renovation job — and you’ll want only expertly trained professionals to get their hands on particularly crucial areas, like the bathroom.

Hiring a professional to remodel the bathroom of a heritage home is perhaps the best thing you can do to avoid damage to the plumbing system while bringing your vintage-chic ideas to life. Professional contractors can expertly replace, repair, and maintain older electrical systems, as well as deal with the intricacies of old plumbing systems.

Whether you want to keep the same flooring to preserve the vintage charm of your bathroom or upgrade its look to a modern aesthetic, professional contractors can easily work with any flooring type to match your preference. The result is an expertly remodelled and completely functional bathroom for years to come.

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